Album Of The Week 3/28 |ZAYN- Mind Of Mind

ZAYN’s much anticipated debut solo album Mind of Mine is finally here and it’s nothing short of amazing! Almost a year after leaving one of the most successful bands of our time, One Direction, Zayn Malik becomes the first member to release a solo project. The sound of the album is not what you would expect from an ex­ One Direction member, but it is exactly what you would expect from Zayn. He has always had the rebellious bad boy image of the group and has long been quoted saying that his musical style more aligned with Chris Brown and Frank Ocean than the music the band produced.

Riddled with pop­R&B slow jams and stunning vocals, Mind of Mine is Zayn’s declaration of independence that is moody and impressive. His voice is very sultry, hypnotic, and enticing, making the album easy and exciting to listen to. The first single off the album “PILLOWTALK” wowed fans as it was exactly what they wanted from Zayn and Mind of Mine has done the same. One interlude on the project, “fLoWer” grabs the listener’s attention instantly as Zayn releases a vocal melody in his father’s native language Urdu. That is definitely one of the best moments on this entire piece. Apart from that, our favorite songs over here at The Edge are “iT’s YoU”, “lUcOzAdE”, and “wRoNg” feat. Kehlani. Be sure to give Mind of Mine a listen!


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