DJ Training Program

There are multiple ways to get involved with WFNP, but for those looking to get on the air, here’s what you need to know:

  • Start with Daytime! Go through the Daytime DJ Training Process (learn about the station, shadow current DJs, clearance for air)
  • Advance to FM! Once you’ve been on WFNP as a Daytime DJ for a while you can request to fill-in and/or move up to permanent FM. This requires some additional responsibilities.

What’s the difference between Daytime and FM?

  • Daytime DJs host shows Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm on our web stream (
  • FM DJs go through a bit more training and certification, and are on the air BOTH on the web stream and our FM signal, 88.7FM.
    • FM hours, where SUNY New Paltz has time on our 88.7FM channel are Monday through Friday 7pm-5am, and weekends 10pm-5am.
    • Our student DJs are live Mon-Fri 7pm-midnight, and Sat-Sun 10pm-midnight. 
    • From 12am-5am we run automation or pre-recorded programming on 88.7.

Ready to get started?

  • Begin our training program by providing us your information HERE!
  • Once you complete the form above, you’ll receive a confirmation email with links to our training packet and further instructions!

Important documents to prepare for DJ training programs: