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WFNP is LIVE for the fall 2023 semester!

WFNP is preparing to participate in “The Big 88” Broadcast. On November 8th, several stations are joining forces to create “New York’s Largest Radio Station” for one day only. From 12pm to 7pm, each participating station will get time to talk about their programming, feature student DJs and broadcast on “The Big 88′ in celebration of college radio. Tune in throughout the day, but especially from 4-5pm as WFNP takes over “The Big 88!”

WFNP Celebrates College Radio Day 2023!

Welcome to WFNP @ SUNY New Paltz!

WFNP signed on the air on September 1st for the 23-24 academic year. We have already welcomed a number of new DJs and hosts to our team, and invite you to get in touch if you too are interested in hosting a show, writing/reporting news, providing concert or album reviews, learning how to engineer, or volunteering at our campus and community events.

WFNP, 88.7FM The Edge will is broadcasting again live from the 4th floor of the Student Union Building at SUNY New Paltz! Our web stream runs 24/7 with student DJs hosting shows live in the studio each day anytime from 9am am until 6pm, while our FM DJs are in studio live, both on the web stream, and 88.7FM (if you are local to the Hudson Valley), Monday-Friday from 7pm-12am, Saturday and Sunday from 10pm-midnight during the months of February, March, April, September, October and November.

You can listen to your favorite student DJs on 88.7FM and!

Interested in getting involved with the station? Sign up HERE. WFNP is open to all majors, all class years, all students. We have opportunities for anyone to get involved in a number of departments both on the air and off. We are always looking for people to join our News Team (covering local news stories, writing stories for our newscasts, engineering, and reporting). Want to talk Sports, both professional and college? Join our Sports Department! We also need student volunteers for promotions, album and concert reviews for our website, and more. Learn about different ways to get involved with WFNP by clicking HERE.

Feel free to visit our studios in the Student Union Building, Room 423!

“It’s all on you now, SUNY New Paltz WFNP 88.7 The Edge. Don’t let me down”

We won’t let you down, Stephen Colbert, we promise.

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Cutting Edge Music Reviews

Written by, Nicole Pottgen Welcome back to album of the week! This week we will be talking about a new release from 90’s rock icon, Polly Jean Harvey. This is her 10th studio album and a noteworthy shift in tone for the gritty and alluring PJ. This is, I Inside the Old Year Dying. The English singer-songwriter first formed a bass/drums/guitar trio in Dorset England, and released her first single on an independent label. Her debut album, Dry, was released in March of 1992 and showcased her signature high-powered vocals that are heard on the rest of her hit records. Harvey broke into the scene with a striking sound that was absolutely ridden with attitude. Her lyrics are dark, strange, and unsettling; she created vivid narratives of heartbreak, identity, sex, life and death. With her expressive vocals and heavy rock instrumentals, her music embodies female power and passion.  Released this past summer, I Inside the Old Year Dying showcases different sides of Harvey vocally, instrumentally, and thematically. One of the most notable elements of this project are her haunting, high-pitched vocals, which lend a mystic quality to the music. In track one, Prayer at the Gate, we hear these shaky, wailing vocals alongside looming instrumentals—it’s a gripping opening that also provides the intimate nature of a folk-rock record, which continues to weave its way through the rest of the album. The combination of folk instruments, electronics, and immersive field recordings establish the album’s ominous atmosphere; she develops a vivid setting that we live in throughout the album’s entirety. Harvey truly transcends her lyricism on this record with evocative and poetic storytelling. Her verse-novel, Orlam, influenced the narratives told in I Inside the Old Year Dying, recounting memories of childhood in a curious coming-of-age tale. The lyrics are written in the Dorset dialect, which is still spoken in some rural villages. An example of this dialect can be heard in the track, I Inside the Old I Dying:   I zing through the forest, I hover in the holway And laugh into the leaves. Oh Wyman, Oh Wyman. Unray I for en.   I love the way her imagery accompanies the distorted instrumentals in this song. There are consistent elements of nature that we are enveloped in as she creates woodsy, pastoral scenes. It is slow-moving and gentle but tremendously eerie; the record’s depth allows us to feel like we are looking through the eyes of another. One of the biggest differences on this record compared to her previous ones, is the character that is portrayed through its writing and sound. If you’re familiar with Harvey’s music, you’re familiar with her audacious and confident vocal leads. I Inside the Old Year Dying is a stunning departure from her previous works, as it depicts an intriguing narrator through her vocal performance. There is so much personality on this record and such a unique story to unravel within its lyrics.    If you’re craving an entrancing musical experience, I cannot recommend this album enough. Its beautiful weirdness will not fail to captivate you! I think the album accompanies a walk outside perfectly, especially during the changing seasons—I hope you take a listen! [...] Read more...
Written by Xindha Yaeger With the help of AI and archived recordings, the last Beatles song has been recorded and released. Featuring all four original members, the track is an example of the possibilities of AI in the music industry as well as the lasting  success of the Beatles.  “Now and Then” released Thursday, November 2nd 2023, is famously the last Beatles song. Including all four members through the use of AI, the song includes John Lennon and George Harrison. The original demo was made by Lennon in 1978, recorded on a cassette tape. However this is not the first time the band had attempted releasing the song. Originally in 1995, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney came together to complete “Now and Then”. With limits of technology at the time, separating Lennon’s vocals from the backing piano quickly became a problem. Some progress was made until the band decided to continue work on “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love” and return to “Now and Then” later. After the death of George Harrison in 2001, they lost the motivation to further work on the song and left the project behind.  The technology to complete the recording became readily available in 2022, thus revamping the previously forgotten work. With the help of director Peter Jackson who worked on the Get Back movie, it was clear that “Now and Then” could be completed. Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney sent the cassette to Jackson, who isolated Lennon’s voice using stem separation. George Harrison’s recordings from the original attempt in 1995 were recovered, then sampled for the slide guitar solo in the finished recording. McCartney says in the Youtube Documentary, “ ‘Now and Then’ it’s probably, like, the last Beatles song. And we’ve all played on it, so it is a genuine Beatle recording”.  In my opinion, the use of artificial intelligence in the music industry is one that will create new opportunities for artists to expand their work. Because of AI we are able to hear a new Beatles song in the year 2023; which is something I, along with many of my peers, never thought we’d say. This bittersweet and successful “end” to the Beatles  is one that has made history not just for the band, but for the music industry as a whole. [...] Read more...

About Our Station

WFNP is the official student run radio station of the State University of New York at New Paltz. We are an educationally affiliated, non-commercial station, striving to serve the community’s best interest. The station provides innovative, cutting-edge music, news, and talk programming. WFNP broadcasts to the campus community, the entire Hudson Valley, and beyond via our web stream and 88.7 FM.

Our DJs work hard to give listeners great shows and keep them coming back for more. Each DJ has the ability to create their own masterpiece for the community!

Learn about the history and development of our station, as told through one of our alumni Maggie Zielinski.

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