WFNP Executive Board: 2024

It is the mission of WFNP to provide the students of SUNY New Paltz with a means of training and experience in radio broadcasting and management; and to provide the SUNY New Paltz campus and surrounding communities with music, talk, and news programming that cannot be heard on other stations in the Hudson Valley. The WFNP Executive Board is what makes this possible.

WFNP Studios, Student Union 423

Station Manager

Zeren McClure: The Station Manager is responsible for the day to day operation of the radio station. The Station Manager holds regular meetings with the Executive Board members, and works closely with WFNP advisors to make sure that all FCC procedures are being followed, and that the station is in good standing across the board.

: : Major: Digital Media Production, Audio Recording Minor

Show: Radio Free Zee, Thursdays 10pm-12am

Programming Director

Sophia Root: The primary functions of the Programming Director are scheduling DJ shows, on-air performance, and keeping the on-air staff up to date with current information about the station. The Programming Director is readily available to assist DJs with questions about studio operations, help DJs find coverage if they need to miss a show, and keep the on-air staff in the loop with any important changes about the general operation of the station.

: : Major: Communication Studies, Organizational Communication (concentration), Sociology Minor

Show: The Square Root, Tuesdays 8-10pm, Full Transparency Talk Show, Thursdays 7:30-8pm

Assistant Programming Director

Sofia Melendez: The primary functions of the Assistant Programming Director are scheduling, on-air performance, and keeping the daytime web stream DJs on track. The Assistant Programming Director supports the Programming Director’s efforts in studio operations, DJ training, scheduling and show coverage, and keeping the on-air staff in the loop with any important changes about the general operation of the station. In the event that the Programming Director cannot fulfill their role, the Assistant Programming Director will be asked to step in.

: : Major: History

Show: The Doppler Effect, Tuesdays 4-5pm

News Directors

The primary functions of the News Directors are the oversight and smooth operation of the news department at WFNP. The News Director is responsible for assembling a team of reporters/readers to cover stories during the weekday newscast from 7pm-7:30pm. In advance of each newscast, the News Directors will gather stories from the various news sources, compiling coverage of events and stories that mimics a nightly newscast. The News Directors supervise a team of writers, reporters, readers and engineers.

Jack Flowers

: : Major: Digital Media Production

Show: Edge News Mon-Fri 7-7:30pm

Alyssa Roldan:  

: : Major: Digital Media Production, Communications and Creative Writing minor

Show: Edge News Mon-Fri 7-7:30pm, Whiplash, Wednesdays 8-10pm

Music Directors

The primary function of the Music Directors is to create and maintain a diverse database of music for the use of WFNP DJs. The Music Director reviews submissions from a variety of record labels to increase the music rotation available to staff. The Music Directors are also responsible for providing comprehensive album reviews that get posted to the WFNP website and social media accounts. The Music Directors work to solicit feedback from DJs about new music that they would like to have available for play on WFNP and also communicate and collaborates with the local music scene.

John Roy 

: : Major: Business 

Gabby Gagliano:

: : Major: Digital Media Production 

Show: Gunk Bird, Monday 10pm-12am 

Sports Director

Fynn Haughney: The primary functions of the Sports Director are to write sports coverage for the WFNP Nightly Newscast, produce [and host] the WFNP sports talk show, collaborate with the New Paltz Athletic Department to gather clips, coverage, and interview opportunities with the college athletic teams.

: : Major: English, Creative Writing (concentration)

Show: Hawk Hangout, Thursdays 1-2pm

Production Director

Matt Walsh: The primary function of the Production Director is to maintain an up to date rotation of Public Service Announcements, promotions, and station identification elements. The Production Director works with WFNP board members and SUNY New Paltz campus community members to highlight campus events, clubs and organizations, and provide listeners with a fresh sound when it comes to pre-produced promotions.

: : Major: Digital Media Production

Show: The Walsh Warp, Mondays 10pm-12am

Traffic Director/Secretary

Nicole Nelson: The primary function of the Secretary/Traffic Manager is to organize all administrative paperwork and information for the radio station. The Secretary/Traffic Manager collaborates with other WNFP Directors and campus clubs and organizations, keeping the SUNY New Paltz community in the loop with regard to WFNP events while also bringing campus events to the board to promote. The Traffic Manager aspect of the role is responsible for scheduling Public Service Announcements and tracking what is played for the WFNP Public File Records. The Secretary responsibilities focus on maintaining updated records for the organization as a whole.

: : Major: Digital Media Production

Show: The Dizzy Express, Thursdays 8-10pm

Promotions/Public Affairs Directors

The primary function of the Public Affairs and Promotion Directors is to provide the station with on-air material that is of interest to the community, as well as to promote the station.  The Public Affairs and Promotion Directors focus on integrating WFNP into the campus community through promotional events and giveaways, social media presence, and general advertising.

Anna Diefendorf

: : Major: Communication Disorders, Deaf Studies and Audio Engineering minors

Show: The Back Porch Radio Hour, Sundays 10pm-12am

Brenna Sambrook:

: : Major: Environmental Studies, Political Science Minor

Show: Small Worlds, Wednesdays 5-6pm

Advisor/Chief Operator

Valerie Turco serves as the professional staff advisor to WFNP radio. Val is an alum of SUNY New Paltz (05 and 10g), and has worked at the college for a number of years in the Division of Student Affairs. Val has been the Director of the Center for Student Media since 2018 and in addition to working with radio, also provides oversight to the college newspaper, video production/TV club, music collective and literary magazines.

: : Major: Class of 2005 Radio/Television Production, and Class of 2010 Humanistic/Multicultural Education                                                                                                                                                                    :