Album Of The Week 3/14 | Nada Surf- You Know Who You Are

Almost twenty years after their debut, indie rock band Nada Surf, is back with a new release of their eighth studio album entitled, You Know Who You Are. The album as a whole is downbeat in tone yet musically uplifting. Unlike their previous project, The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy, this album stays within its comfort zone “with power pop that distills decades, from ’90s college alternative through the post­indie boom of the early aughts” (AllMusic). On the album you can hear beautiful melodies, bright harmonies, and triumphant horns. Sonically, it is an easy going album to listen to. It seems as though Nada Surf has given up the jauntiness of their previous works and is going for a more zen feel. It is clear they are singing from a more mature laidback position on this 10 song project. We definitely recommend that you give You Know Who You Are a listen. Over here at The Edge we are loving “Out of the Dark” and “Cold to See Clear”!



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