Album Of The Week 3/06| Esperanza Spalding- Emily D+Evolution

After almost three years of preparation and production, Esperanza Spalding’s latest album: Emily D+Evolution is here! You might remember Esperanza as the obscure indie artist who beat Justin Bieber back in 2011 at The Grammy’s for Best New Artist. That moment caused great controversy in the music world and riled a lot of die hard Bieber fans up. Spalding was the victim of a lot of cyber hate stemming from that but none of it seemed to bother her. She isn’t the kind of artist who craves the limelight ­­ only craves to share her music. On Emily D+Evolution the listener can hear “exuberant confrontational songs” (Pitchfork), radiating in the same sort of rock/funk/indie hybrid style that is reminiscent of Prince and Janelle Monae. On this album, Spalding sings through her extroverted alter ego “Emily” and wants you to buck the system, fight for peace and tranquility reconnect with your spiritual center & avoid facades. Over here at The Edge we are listening to “Ebony and Ivy”, “Funk the Fear,” and “I Want It Now”. Be sure to give it a listen


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