Album Of The Week | Joanne – Lady Gaga

After a few years of her hiatus, Lady Gaga is back with a new sound and a new album titled, “Joanne”. Unlike her usual upbeat pop/disco tracks, “Joanne” is more stripped down, muted, and humble. It is very reminiscent of an old school soft-rock album, in which light sounds of acoustic guitars can be heard. The project actually got its name from Gaga’s late aunt, Joanne, whom Gaga identifies with very much. She says that she sometimes thinks that she is the reincarnation of her. This project is Gaga’s safest in tone and production, but is very risky considering her legacy as a vibrant and daring artist. With “Joanne” she redefines herself yet again and shows why she is the true queen of pop. Our favorite songs over here at The Edge are “Diamond Heart”, “Joanne”, and “A-Yo”. Be sure to give it a listen!01-lady-gaga-press-photo-cr-collier-schorr-2016-billboard-1548-1-1

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