Album Of The Week | Meek Mill – DC4

Meek Mill’s fourth installation of his Dreamchasers series, “DC4” is here and fans are revelling in the return of their favorite Philadelphia rapper. Fresh off of a bunch of silly rap beefs, the most notable being with fellow rap star Drake, Meek Mill is trying to regain his respect as a street rapper with this project. As you would expect from Meek, “DC4” is complete with stories of struggle and violence, and his quest to achieve the American Dream. From the beginning, Meek was determined to escape the Southside Philly streets that had swallowed his father up and you can hear that very vividly in his songs. With his iconic hard-yelling delivery, “DC4” is definitely a project that you can bump to if street rap is your thing! And if it’s not your thing, you can always appreciate the production on this project because it is top of the line. Our favorite songs over here at The Edge are “Blue Notes” and “Two Wrongs”. Be sure to give it a listen!meekmill-27-jpg-0d79f

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