Album Of The Week 4/25 | Beyonce’- LEMONADE

Beyonce is back with her newest visual album: LEMONADE, and I must say ­­ it is
nothing short of a masterpiece! It seems as though Beyonce can do no wrong when it comes to
creating music and the visuals to go along with it, and this album proves that sentiment right. LEMONADE is an ode to love and the fight to stay in love with someone even when they’ve caused you pain, grief, and heartache. It is also a celebration of Black Womanhood, as many of the visuals in the short film allude to their beauty and to the struggle they face everyday. A quote from Malcolm X, “The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman”, can be heard on the album as Beyonce seeks to shed light on the current racial climate of America.
This album is raw, honest, and mature. Beyonce airs out all of her marital problems,
insecurities, and daddy issues on LEMONADE surprising all of her fans. She speaks in an eerily
peculiar tone in between songs, reminiscent of Amy Dunne in the film Gone Girl. She speaks for
the women scorned by love but who still believe in love. It is honestly a beautiful, twisted,
artistic album from beginning to end and is without a doubt her best work to date. Genres on the
album include, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, and even Country. It is versatile and deep, taking the
listener on a journey that we’re all too familiar with. This album is a definite must listen! Our
favorite songs over here at The Edge are “Don’t Hurt Yourself”, “Hold Up”, and “Sorry”!



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