Album Of The Week 9/12 | Frank Ocean – Blonde

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, Frank Ocean’s latest album “Blonde” is finally here and it is just what we all wanted. Very different from his last album “Channel Orange”, “Blonde” emits a somewhat somber and lonely vibe. The project is very intimate and personal, and it almost feels as though one is intruding on Frank’s private life and thoughts. “Blonde” isn’t a shocking piece in which the songs seek to make a point or take a stand, it is more just an honest telling of life. Frank references love, secret and immoral love, love lost, police brutality, and so much more. Each song gives you a glimpse into his world and takes you on a journey. Filled with sweet melodies and rich lyrics, “Blonde” is definitely an album that everyone needs to hear. Our favorite songs over here at The Edge are “Nikes”, “Ivy”, and “Self Control”!


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