Album Of The Week 2/22 | Kanye West – TLOP

Following the incredibly tumultuous and incohesive road to the release of Kanye West’s newest album “The Life of Pablo” the public now has one of West’s best pieces of works combining all aspects of himself ­­ the old and new Ye. At a first and hasty listen to TLOP, you might feel like the album is a bit scrambled and poorly put together. The transitions might seem rough and the changing beats and sound within a single song might throw you off your balance. At least that was my initial critique. But on second listen, you realize that West had a very specific vision with this album and it showcases all sides of Kanye. It is almost as if he is battling the many versions of himself and the take away for the listeners is that you either love all of him or none at all. In addition to this, he also sheds light on his Christian faith through many gospel samples and skits, talks about making Taylor Swift famous, covering his children in lamb’s wool, and comparing him and his wife to Mary and Joseph. What I love especially about “The Life of Pablo” however are the beats and samples. Kanye is very famous for his musical style and production and it is no surprise the beauty woven within each beat. Our favorites over here at The Edge are Ultra Lightbeam, Famous, FML, 30 Hours, and Fade; but that is an understatement being that every song is phenomenal. If you haven’t listened to TLOP yet, head over to TIDAL and check it out!


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