Album Of The Week 02/15 | Majid Jordan- Majid Jordan

Majid Jordan’s new debut self titled album is all about vibes and melodies. The world first got introduced to Majid Jordan when Drake signed the duo to OVO Sound and collaborated on their chart topping single “Hold On We’re Going Home” which quickly put them on everyone’s radar.

Now, after a few EPs, their first album has arrived. Majid Jordan is a collection of songs riddledby a central moody tone and filled with mid­tempo house beats, dark, danceable grooves,contemplative jams about love and love lost, and innocent optimism that you don’t hear toomuch about these days. What is refreshing about their music and persona is that Majid Jordan aregood guys and sing about it. At a time where being cold and heartless is the standard, Majid Jordan are remarkably heartfelt and genuine. They give hope to the few romantics out there. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Majid Jordan; our favorites over here at The Edge are  “Love is Always There” and “Small Talk”!

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