Updates to academic deadlines, course meetings and grading options

The following will summarize some recent changes to academic deadlines, course meetings and grading options to give students time to acclimate to the recent changes in course delivery while reducing the stress of an approaching deadline. Our hope is that these updates will allow students to maximize successful course completion.

                   We have updated information on the Academic Calendar 

March 16 – March 27 Spring Break – No classes
May 6 Last day for student elected Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory* option Policy and Students elect S/U here
May 6 Last day for Course Withdrawal* Faculty see update to the academic integrity policies affecting course withdrawal and Students elect course withdrawal here
May 21 – October 16 Pass (P) Grade Election Period. This option is available for spring 2020 letter graded courses with a D grade or higher. The course(s) can be used to meet degree or major requirements in the same manner as the letter graded course. This option is not be available for D-, F, S or U grades. May not apply to courses required for certain accredited programs. Students are encouraged to discuss this option with their advisors after courses are graded.   The method for requesting the P grade will be developed and communicated before the end of the spring semester.  

Online meeting dates:

Asynchronous classes: Courses that meet asynchronously are still expected to honor the religious holidays as listed in the Academic Calendar when assigning deadlines and scheduling online chats.

Synchronous classes: Courses that meet synchronously should plan to meet the same day and time as indicated in the schedule of classes. April 15 remains a switch day.  Synchronous lectures and presentation of course materials are to be recorded so those who are not able to participate synchronously can access the session at a later time. 

Study and Make-Up Days:

Faculty have the discretion to use study and make-up days listed in the Academic calendar as instructional days. This change will provide faculty with maximum flexibility to achieve the course learning outcomes.

Final Examinations:

Faculty have the discretion in determining the appropriate final exam for each course. If they choose to provide a scheduled exam within the 2-hour window, they will use the regularly scheduled final exam time to avoid exam conflicts for students. They may also opt for a final exam window over the span of multiple days.  In some courses, a final exam may not be scheduled as the submission of other work is more appropriate for the course and situation. Please check with your professor so that you can plan accordingly.

Common Exam Day:

Common exam day will remain in the calendar as originally scheduled for courses that normally use this day for examinations.

Incomplete course deadline: 

The deadline to submit work for incomplete spring 2020 courses has been moved from the midpoint of fall 2020 to December 7, 2020. Please see this policy [add link] about requesting incompletes.


Dr. Turk College Registrar

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