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Album art for Trinity by Eartheater
Trinity by Eartheater

Trinity from the band Eartheater reviewed by DJ Young Link AKA Colleen Rogers

If you’re looking to hear the next big thing before anyone else, look no further.

Now based in Zaragoza, Spain, NYC born-and-bred Alexandra Drewchin released her fourth work under her Eartheater project, Trinity. Drewchin mixes dense, almost confusing percussive beats with choral synths and her signature vocal style, which consists of vocal fry and unusual vowel pronunciations.

The album, although very thorough and consistent, varies in style. While some tracks are more hip-hop influenced, like “Prodigal Self,” “Lick My Tears,” and “Preservation,” the album evokes gorgeous synth pop in other moments like “High Tide” and “Solid Liquid Gas.” Speaking of the latter mentioned, the ending track could not wrap up the work more concisely. “Solid Liquid Gas” is a heavy-hitting cross between emo, dancehall, and trap.

Overall, I don’t have any complaints. The transition between each concept is almost seamless, the production is oh-so crisp, and the ideas are innovative and resonant.

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