Associated Press Update: 03.30.20
Happening Now

Spain overtook China on Monday in confirmed coronavirus infections
 as the pandemic stretched scores of Spanish hospitals to their breaking point.
Health officials in the U.S. are reviewing plans on how to ethically ration limited medical resources amid fears that they’ll soon be overwhelmed by patients.
Shops in Wuhan – the city at the center of China’s virus outbreak – are reopening but customers are scarce as authorities lift more of the anti-virus controls that kept tens of millions of people at home for two months.
Stocks are opening higher on Wall Street Monday in more volatile trading as investors try to assess whether global authorities can do enough to nurse the economy through the damage caused by the coronavirus outbreak.
The pandemic that launched a massive, unplanned experiment with distance learning has created extraordinary hurdles for schoolchildren left behind by the digital divide.
The Gaza Strip has been largely cut off from the world for more than a decade by an Israeli-Egyptian blockade. But the coronavirus has found a way in.

All information and sources above from the Associated Press.

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