Album of the Week 04/13 |WEED- Running Back

In the sonic assault that is Weed’s Running Back, the listener is entered into a world of apathy, drinking beers, and hot summer days. Oh and FEEDBACK, lots of feedback. This album is a nod at shoegaze greats like My Bloody Valentine, Astrobrite, and Chapterhouse. Not only that, but vocalist Will Anderson draws influences from post-punk acts with their lyrical content about pain and anguish, and their vocal delivery. The band’s track ‘Stay in Summer’ definitely owes the person who invented the whammy bar some royalties. However, Running Back takes the listener along for this slacker vibe vacation where Anderson hits you with heart-crushing lines like ‘I don’t want to feel like this anymore.’ This album should definitely get those shoegazing to pick their heads up and make sure they recognize an amazing album we they see one. Here at The Edge, we think very HIGHLY of this album. (Come on we had to make one pun at least.) Give it a listen. 🙂

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