Album of the Week 10/5 |Nick F- Triflin’

WFNP’s Album of the week for the Week of October 5th!


Triflin’ by Nickelus F is a 15 track hip hop album that dropped about a month ago and is rivaling some of the soft hip hop albums (as I like to call them) that released this year. Nickelus’ inspiration for the title Triflin’ comes from what his grandmother used to say to him when he was bad. The name is very fitting as the album tells very personal stories about a guy who has made mistakes and has regrets.

A few of our favorite tracks from the album are “Think Positive” “Obnoxious” and “Yoppa”. He samples a lot of great beats as well as an Aaliyah sample from her song “We Need A Resolution.”  Anything with an Aaliyah sample is always good in my book!

Nickelus also speaks on his outward image and his inward perception of himself contradicting one another and that resonates very well in his music. Triflin’ is a great balance of conscious self reflective rap music while still incorporating the ‘hood experience. Give it a listen!

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