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Why I Love the Song “Teenage Heartbreak Queen” by Palaye Royale

This song “Teenage Heartbreak Queen” is an amazing song because I feel it’s about someone you loved who ended up choosing someone else. In listening to the song, the other person can see what they missed out on. I personally love this song because I can relate to it. I’ve been in a situation as described in the song. I can relate to the feeling of rejection, which helps make this song one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s also a very catchy song and very addicting. The guitar and drums in this song are beyond amazing. The voice of the frontman of the band goes along with whole song perfectly. The whole song portrays the mood of rejection. It also has a mood of being forgotten. Anyone who has ever felt rejected or forgotten should surely listen to this song.

The members in the band Palaye Royale are brothers. They are from Canada and they call their fan base the “Royal Council.” The band got their name from the Toronto dancehall where their grandparents met in the 50’s. The band has a love for scarves, hats, paisley shirts, and makeup.

Song Reviewer Lakoya is an intern here at WFNP. She has worked alongside Music Director Emma and Traffic Manager Sacha. She loves Palaye Royale and all things music related!

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