Mike Eiger: EDGE Member of the Week!!!

We here at the Edge are proud to announce our first Edge Member of the Week, Mike Eiger.  Here is a little bio so you can learn more about the man, straight from his mouth, sort of…
Name: Mike Eiger
Born: 3/25/1991
Year: Sophomore
Semesters with The Edge: 3
Favorite Band(s): Dream Theater, The Police, Tears for Fears
Favorite Song: Take a Picture by Filter
DJ Name: DJ BroBoy
Show Name: Please Don’t Stop the Music (Industry)!
Show Time: 1:00-3:00 PM on Tuesdays
Department: Marketing
What do you Actually do at The Edge?: Tabling and promoting the station under the brilliant Marketing leadership of CoHo, Make people angry that I plug the station so often, Make people smile (?)
Favorite Drop/Sweep: The Ralphie May plugs. What a stud.
Favorite PSA: Live Reads
Favorite Part About The Edge: Learning about completely new bands via what is available in rotation
Least Favorite Part About The Edge: Nothing. We’re Perfect.
Where do you see Yourself in Relation to The Edge exactly one year from now?: Honestly, I have no idea. Wherever I am, I plan just keep busting out great tunes with a smile on my face.
Congrats to Mike for his hard work and dedication to WFNP.  Check back next week for the next EDGE Member of the Week.

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