London-Based Punk Rockers Release LP, Make Debut in NYC

Doe releases their first LP, First Four, in the United States

Doe, indie-punk band based in London, release their first LP, First Four, on Feb. 24 in the United States. First Four quite literally is a compilation of Doe’s first four EP releases since they formed in 2013. The trio consists of Nicola Leel (vocals/guitar), Matt Sykes (guitar), and Jake Popyura (drums).

In anticipation of the U.S. release, Doe will make their New York debut on Sat., Feb. 21 at Pianos, a bar/restaurant and live music venue on the Lower East Side. The band will spend that week playing at various venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey before returning to London.

Doe’s First Four delivers moderately fast-paced punk fun with catchy melodies backed by raw harmonies. Impose Magazine says, “The record alternates from throbbing, in-your-face riffs to catchy pop licks, all penetrated by powerful vocal harmonies.” Their style is authentic, fully developed, and could easily fit in with what is heard on contemporary alternative radio.
First Four is charged with scratchy, bright-sounding guitar riffs. This, combined with their strong vocal melodies, command the direction of each song. Whether you’re looking for a feel-good tune (Julia Survived) or something sadder (Oh, Nostalgia!), these indie punk-rockers from London have got you covered.

For fans of: Weezer, Pavement, The Pixies, Mixtapes
Listen to: Let Me In, C.A.E., Broken Souvenirsz

Doe First Four

Written by Briana Bonfiglio

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