Edge Member of the Week!

This weeks member is Meagan Sullivan. She has been an Edge member for 4 semesters, and has a great show on Wednesday 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm! Besides being consistent with her department work and having an awesome show she is also a great person and easy to get along with. These are just a few reasons why we chose Meagan to be “Edge Member of the Week”!

Here is a little bit of information about Meagan and her show:

Show Name: Kick Out the Jams! with DJ M-Sully (Wednesday 3 pm – 5 pm)

Short Bio about Meagan: I’m a Digital Media Production student at New Paltz. I love music. I sold my soul for Rock and Roll.

Short Bio about her show: My show is named after a song by protopunk band MC5, who are one of the pioneers in the garage rock movement in Detroit. I play a lot of garage rock on my show, which is basically a blend of punk and blues. I also play a good amount of alternative rock and classic rock, but only the good stuff. My show is centered around being upbeat and aggressive all at the same time.

What she loves about the Edge: The Edge produces the greatest electromagnetic radiation in the world and I get to hangout with a lot of cool people here. Also, I like pretending I’m Alison Steele.

Congratulations Meagan, keep up the great work!!

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