Edge Member of the Week!

This weeks “Edge Member of the Week” is Gabrielle Napoli! Although Gaby has only been a member for 2 semester she has impressed us with her dedication and enthusiasm for WFNP! During our “Unplugged” event Gaby went the extra mile to make an amazing sign for her show, and show lollipops that we absolutely loved!

Here is a little bit of information about Gaby and her show:

Show Name & DJ Name: The Brooklyn Beat with DJ Gaby (Tuesdays 3pm-5pm)

About Gaby: I’m currently an international relations major at New Paltz. I grew up down the street from Biggie in Brooklyn but at age five was unfortunately too fascinated by the likes of The Back Street Boys to appreciate his musical genius. One could say I have come a long way since then. 

About her show: I play a lot of r&b, hip Hop and soul. I enjoy the blending of different sounds and often play music that walks the line of various genres. I like music that has a lil slow jam which allows you to kick it so I try to make my show embody a feeling of relaxation.

What she loves about the Edge: Everyone at the Edge has been incredibly welcoming and helpful since I started. Being able to express my personal taste in music on college radio is definitely a luxury and I’m grateful to be a part of.

Congratulations Gaby, keep up the great work!!

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