Briana Valentine – Edge Member of the Week!!!

Name:  Briana Valentine
Born:  May 4th, 92
Year: Freshman
Semesters with The Edge: two
Favorite Band(s):  Blink 182, Envy On the Coast, any 90s girl or boy band 
Favorite Song: eek, this is hard. I don’t think I have one?
DJ Name: B’
Show Name: D’ & B’ Radio
Show Time: 6 -7pm //
Department: News all the way!

Favorite Drop/Sweep: No idea.

Favorite PSA: The ones I have to read. I like speaking the PSA’s
Favorite Part About The Edge: the people are so chill, friendly, and welcoming!
Least Favorite Part About The Edge: the low number of options for music in rotation
Where do you see Yourself in Relation to The Edge exactly one year from now?: Hopefully as secretary!



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