Associated Press Update: 03.25.20
Happening Now
The coronavirus outbreak hit home Wednesday among the well-born and the desperately poor alike. Britain’s Prince Charles tested positive and India locked down its 1.3 billion people, or one-sixth of the Earth’s population.
Stocks are opening higher on Wall Street after Congress and the White House reached a deal to inject nearly $2 trillion of aid into an economy ravaged by the coronavirus.
The European Union is taking unprecedented action to help member countries endure the massive cost of to keeping people and businesses alive through the virus outbreak.
The Tokyo Olympics have been postponed until 2021. So now the question has to be asked: Who pays the bills for the delay and how large will they be?
The coronavirus is waging a war of attrition against health care workers around the world. In Spain, doctors and nurses complain of shortages of the equipment necessary to shield them from contagion and tests for the new virus.
Find full virus outbreak coverage hereEven as the country has largely hunkered down, some powerful people in Washington have defied preventative measures aimed at curbing the spread of the contagious coronavirus. 
For the more than 20,000 foreign college athletes in the United States, the coronavirus pandemic has created problems greater than the inability to compete.  

All information and sources above from the Associated Press.

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