Album of The Week| Sweet Sexy Savage x Kehlani

Without mentioning the music, it is important to note the statement that Kehlani is making with this album. A statement of women empowerment, fluidity, and independence. The title “Sweet Sexy Savage” speaks to many selves we as women possess and it is essential to for that versatility to be known and acknowledged by the larger world. And this is exactly the message Kehlani gets across with this project.

The album is fun, sexy, and nice to listen to. Her voice is like butter gliding across the melodies and rifts. It is reminiscent of 90s R&B with a very new interpretation, incorporating retro beats and modern sonics. It is an 18 track album that begins with a piece by Reyna Biddy declaring herself as a superwoman. She states, “ The truth is, I’m a superwoman, and some days I’m an angry woman, and some days I’m a crazy woman.” This piece right here sums up the vibe of the rest of the album. Our favorite songs over here at The Edge are “CRZY”, “Do You Dirty”, and “I Wanna Be”. Be sure to give it a listen!

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