Album Of The Week 02/8 | Rihanna- ANTi


“ANTI” is Rihanna’s much anticipated eighth studio album which released just a few days ago on January 28th. After a year and some change of promotion and ominous hints at an album, it is finally here! For those of us who are well acquainted with Rihanna’s musical style ­­ this album was a bit of a surprise, being that the sound is very different than her previous albums. Every song utters rhythms and moods of a genre different than the last. Sounds like reggae, R&B, trap, country, and alternative can all be heard on ANTI. However, this is not to say that the album feels incohesive or inconsistent. It all flows beautifully, softly leading the listener into the next song and genre. The album is a somber project, with only one dance track featured on it. The rest are mellow ballads and smooth tracks. She sings about love, love lost, strife, and loneliness. Our favorites over here at The Edge are “Work” featuring Drake, “Needed Me”, and “Love on the Brain”. Be sure to give ANTI a listen if you haven’t already!

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