Album of the Week 11/12 | Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels 2

Run the Jewels’ latest release, Run the Jewels 2


Everyone is a target. El-P and Killer Mike HOLD NO PUNCHES on their second effort as Run the Jewels. El-P has been an underground hip-hop legend in the NY area creating ethereal cloud-walking beats that are almost cybernetic and android-like. At the same time, these beats hold the intensity of his and Mike’s verbal assault over all of their gripes with society and hip-hop culture.

The two spit at such a bloodthirsty, rapid speed that you may need to not listen to Zach De La Rocha feature verse when he says ‘run them jewels fast.’ Mike and El-P are absolutely the ebb and flow of the hip-hop world. Wait, did we mention that Zach De La Rocha rapped a verse with these two. He came out of nowhere and delivered a verse that could be among the top ten this year. With Killer Mike’s southern drawl and El-P’s vicious monotone rapping, this album literally sent all other rappers back to rapping off of their Walkmans.

We here at The Edge are very angry and we love angry music. So we are so angry we give this 9 angry face emojis out of ten. >:)


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