Album of the Week 03/05 |Tuxedo-Tuxedo

This week’s featured album is a self-titled album from Tuxedo!

Check it out here!

I don’t know if it’s just us, but R&B revival seems to the hip new doohickey that everyone is trying out. Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk is taking over the world but there are some strong contenders for the throne.

The new collaboration between R&B underdog Mayer Hawthorne and underground hip-hop producer Jake One has left many of us here at The Edge with our jaws dropped on the floor while simultaneously doing a boogie woogie. You know those time capsule things you would do as kids; You would take something bury it in the backyard and open it years later only to realize how embarrassing you were. THIS IS LIKE THAT WITHOUT THE EMBARRASSMENT. It’s incredible. The first track ‘Lost Lover’ literally takes you to 1986 Miami at 4am where you are just cruising around because who needs sleep? Hawthorne’s sultry hooks and Jake One’s bombastically funky basslines on each track will have you up and moving doing things with your feet that are physically impossible. Guess what,  Honestly, stop reading this right now. Stop. Find this album. Have some friends over for a wine party. Go nuts.

If you like 80s funky r&b beats mixed with ‘catch it like a bad habit’ hooks and late 70s disco production, look no further. Try listening to “So Good”, “Do It”, and “The Right Time.

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