Album of the Week 02/1| Justin Bieber- Purpose

If you haven’t heard this one, you must live under a rock.The  album taking the music industry by storm is Justin Bieber’s very own, Purpose. For those of you who are keen to Bieber’s last few years of mishaps and run­ins with the law, you know that he hasn’t been the picture perfect role model everyone expected him to be. On this new project, he begs for forgiveness and tries to right his wrongs in the eyes of the public through songs like “I’ll Show You” and “No Pressure”. The album itself is not a sappy slow piece at all however. It is a party record, complete with electro­dance sounds, chipmunk accent vocals, a lot of bass, a few nods to the pop­trap movement, and so much more! “What Do You Mean” was the first single off of Purpose and was Bieber’s first Billboard #1 song! All in all, Journals is the perfect album of our times, combining dance, hip hop, and smooth R&B. Our favorite songs here at WFNP The Edge are “Sorry” “No Sense” and “No Pressure”! Be sure to give it a listen!

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