Album Of The Week 4/18 |Kevin Morby- Singing Saw

If you are a fan of rock music, and find yourself gawking over Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, then Kevin Morby’s latest album “Singing Saw” is definitely a must listen project for you! The sound of this album is very reminiscent of acoustic sounds from the sixties and seventies. His lyrics force the listener to tap into a specific kind of unconscious thinking to fully grasp the meaning. It is very ominous yet personal. “Singing Saw” is his strongest album to date because of its refinement and maturity. He has figured out how to hone in and focus on his strongest points while leaving the rest behind. His weary and wise voice is definitely something you fall in love with while listening to the project and you realize his unique talent for understanding how musical pieces fit together. All in all, this album is very well done and cohesive and is sure to take you on a journey. Our favorite song over here at The Edge is “Destroyer”. Be sure to give “Singing Saw” a listen!

Kevin Morby

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