Album Of The Week 4/11 | dvsn- Sept. 5th

If you haven’t heard of dvsn, you need to get acquainted with them! They are the newest R&B act to be signed to Drake’s OVO Sound record label, and like their predecessors they are killing the R&B game. The album entitled, “Sept 5th” boasts songs of sex, not as a social transaction but a serious act—”something that can make you see things that aren’t there, that can be a balm for life’s rough edges, that can show you the worth of looking beyond yourself”(Pitchfork). Love making is the main theme of this album and it seems like R&B music has returned to its roots in which odes of love and love making are the standard again. Dvsn’s project is definitely a testimony to that. They speak of love as therapy, an antidepressant, a hallucinogen, an escape, and so much more. This project is incredibly honest, and a realistic depiction of intimacy. “Sept 5th” is a very strong debut album and will most likely solidify dvsn’s place in the music industry. Their sound is unique yet familiar, and brings on those feelings that that good old R&B brings on for so many of us. Our favorite picks over here at The Edge are “Hallucinations” and “Too Deep”. Be sure to give it a listen!


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