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WFNP’s Album of the week for the Week of October 13!


The latest album from the punk band Iceage, “Plowing the Field of Love.”

Within the first four drumstick clicks, you are immediately dragged into the wild west. Iceage, known primarily for their chaotic variety of noise punk have pulled the veil over their heads and released an album that any angsty cowboy teen in the 1800s would have died for. There are some similarities to their early work: disjointed guitars, the punk atmosphere, and the lead singer’s careless slacker voice as he drives out his lyrics with a heavy Swedish accent. The album features a variance of musicality. “The Lord’s Favorite” calls to mind a rockabilly sensibility, while “How Many” shows the Swedish punk act’s softer side. This is the kind of music made for road trips for long drives and a vague destination. We here at The Edge are really digging this. We give it 3 thumbs up (out of 2 thumbs up!!). Recommend for fans of cowboys, western shootouts, and drinking a pint in the saloon.



Check out the whole album here! And of course listen tune-in to WFNP the Edge for this great album and many more!

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