Album Of The Week 02/29 | Santigold- 99₵

Santigold’s third studio album 9​9 Cents ​is a project that combines elements of pop, soul, reggae, and new wave. Although iTunes lists it under the alternative category, this album hardly fits under just one genre. In it, she sheds light on consumerism and commercialization as a whole in America. She sings about this from large scale corporate ends, to very personal reflections. The album’s opening song, “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” st​arts off with a very doo wop­y vibe. Then, almost out of nowhere, a huge beat is introduced while flutes and baritone saxophone prance in the background. This is just an example of how diverse in sound 9​9 Cents i​s. Very similar to M.I.A’s style, Santigold sings about important issues over a catchy fast paced beat and makes it a club banger. Be sure to give 9​9 Cents a​listen! Our faves over here at The Edge are “Chasing Shadows”, “Who Be Lovin Me”, and “Walking In A Circle”!

Santigold AOTW WFNP


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