A Memoir of Melodies

Tomb by Angelo De Augustine

released January, 2019

reviewed by: Emma Philippas

Photo Credit: https://angelodeaugustine.bandcamp.com/album/tomb

While we were still recovering from the sheer beauty and lyrical intensity of Angelo De Augustine’s first record Swim Inside the Moon released in 2017, the LA born artist gifted us with another album at the beginning of this year. Tomb is yet another collection of memories, of poetry accompanied by soothing acoustic guitar. Augustine’s organic guitar playing is paired with imagery of love lost to bad timing, and memories whose original beauty remains fragmented in the mind. The title track comes first on the album and delivers a hauntingly beautiful finger-picked tune and lyrics with a rhyme scheme seemingly out of a book of poems.

The second track “All to the Wind” introduces a happy piano melody which doesn’t seem to fit as well as the more somber sounds on the album. However he brings in a sweet flute near the end that evokes a dream-like quality. “You Needed Love, I Needed You,” the third song on the
album, is a return of the heart wrenching lyrics and acoustic beauty. Songs like “I Could Be Wrong” and “Bird Has Flown” bring the listener along a different path, and change the mood a bit. We’re sucked back into memory by the last track “All Your Life.” The album leaves many of us on the floor gasping for air and grasping for the past.

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