Katelyn Jones – EDGE Member of the Week!

Congratulations to this weeks honoree: Katelyn Jones

Name:Katelyn Jones
Born: April 6, 1986
Year: Junior/freshman (I switched majors)

Semesters with The Edge: 2
Favorite Band(s): Why?, Beirut, The Octopus Project, The Pharcyde, Del the Funky Homosapien, the Punch Brother, Mumford & Sons, Violent Femmes. . . There are just too many
Favorite Song: Choking Victim – Born to Die, but only at this very minute. Ask me again in a couple hours and it will be different.
DJ Name: Kate J
Show Name: unnamed
Show Time:Monday 10am – 12pm
What do you Actually do at The Edge? Besides being a DJ, my work with prod usually involves helping come up with creative new drops/sweeps/liners and things of that nature. I record Live n’ Local every Friday night and I find thinks to hang from the ceiling in the Prod room. 
Favorite Drop/Sweep: Day at the Edge
Favorite PSA: Angry Robot
Favorite Part About The Edge: Working with Prod. I like seeing the end result of the stuff we make.
Least Favorite Part About The Edge: Having to talk on air. It makes me so nervous.
Where do you see Yourself in Relation to The Edge exactly one year from now?: Maybe standing next to it in the hallway, telling it how handsome it is. Asking to buy it a drink. . . I hope to be working with prod, hopefully in a higher position though.

Congratulations to Katelyn for being our EDGE Member of the Week!!!

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